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Aviation Consulting Alliance
A powerful group in all aspects of Aviation
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Av-con - Business - Airline

In a more and more competitive environment, achieving the operational excellence is key. We can offer a huge variety of solutions according to your needs.

Av-con - Business - MRO

Based on our technical management experience of more than
140 years – we can analyze, produce and implement.

Av-con - Business - Airport

Collaborative decision making with all stakeholders is your challenge – we can assist you with design of handling processes, information flow and management processes. 

Av-con - Business - Related industries
Related industries

We know the market, customers and operational requirements.
We have the ability to enable you to match the customer needs. 

Av-Con – Aviation Consulting Alliance

With unrevealed aviation experience of more than 140 years we cover all relevant areas in aviation & MRO businesses. It is our philosophy to analyze, develop and implement – we are efficient from day one.